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Tweak-A-Week Section

One tweak in your lifestyle each week will lead to a seismic shift in the health of our planet.

Eat a meatless meal, wash clothes with cool water, switch to reusable bottles, shop second hand, and you’re a month in to your journey!

Invite friends and family along on the journey for a Massive Impact!

Tweak-A-Week Animal Agriculture

Animal Agriculture

Producing animal protein is land, water, and energy intensive – half of all the water we use in the United States is for animal agriculture. Eating a plant based diet is the most impactful tweak you can make to your lifestyle.

Tweak-A-Week Home

Home & Vehicle

Many planet positive tweaks can easily be made at home such as unplugging chargers and appliances and using LED bulbs. When those actions are multiplied by 365 days a year and over 300 million Americans, it’s a Massive Impact!

Tweak-A-Week Plastic


Virtually every piece of plastic ever made still exists. As old plastics degrade, they shed microscopic pieces called “microplastics” which end up in the water supply. By using less plastic we will also save millions of sea turtles, fish, and shore birds from dying from ingesting plastic.

Tweak-A-Week Pollinators


Pollinators fertilize plants and are responsible for the pollination of the fruit and nuts we rely on, including apples and almonds! They include bees, butterflies, beetles, and some birds and bats. Human activity including the use of pesticides and habitat destruction threatens their survival.

Tweak-A-Week Trees


Our air purification system. They give us oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Trees keep the Earth cooler and provide shade, home and food for people, plants, and animals. Deforested areas become arid, hot, and inhospitable for life.

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