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Earthling. Wife and homeschooling Mother of three. Lifelong learner.

Daughter, Sister, Aunt.

Occasional yogi and tennis player. Beach walker.

Vegetarian. Aspiring vegan.

In the Fall of 2018 I received a political polling call. I was asked which issue is the most important of ten different ones. That was the moment at which I realized the environment is my top issue and furthermore that it’s a deeply held value and one on which I need to take more action. National security, health care, the economy, nothing else matters, if we don’t have clean air and water and healthy soil in which to grow food.

Shortly thereafter I knew I had to take more action in my own life and

was born.

Virtually every day I’m learning about additional planet friendly choices I can make in my own life. I hope you’ll join my family and millions of others on this positive and exciting journey toward greater sustainability! You can begin with a Tweak-a-Week™!

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